Here We Go!….

This week has been very exciting and tough all at the same time! I’m a little late updating the blog because we’ve been dealing with a sick dog all week.  On Sunday, we came home to a murder scene of blood in our house, and a very sick dog.  We took her to the ER vet, and they diagnosed her with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis–basically, inflammation in her intestines that was causing bleeding.


On Monday, we did not think she was going to make it. She was trying to become septic (sugars dropping, almost hypothermic, WBC dropping, RBC dangerously high).  Tuesday, she started to turn around, and she got better and better each day. We were finally able to bring her home yesterday afternoon! (on LOTS of meds, but she’s home!)


After our morning visit with Benelli on Monday, we headed straight for the fertility clinic to begin treatment.  We did an ultrasound to check and make sure everything looked good to start treatments, and it all looked great.  Lee was fascinated! He made the tech explain everything she was looking at on the ultrasound. She happily did! She said most men hide in the corner and want nothing to do with what is going on.

After the ultrasound, we met with the nurse to discuss the plan.  They decided to use the medicine Femara, and they prescribed me 10 2.5mg pills to be taken all at once that night! So far, I’ve only had a few hot flashes, cried once or twice, a headache, and a little achy-ness.  Next Wednesday, I will go for another ultrasound and blood work. If one of those little dots turns into a big dot, I will give myself a trigger shot that night! (When I say “I will give myself”, I mean my nurse best friend will give me a shot- what would I do without Catherine!?)  (Side Note: Fertility meds are expensive! The Femara and HCG shot were not covered by my insurance.) If all goes well and there is an egg on the ultrasound next week, we will schedule the IUI 36-48 hours after the trigger shot.

Don’t forget we have the Infertility Awareness Fun Run coming up on April 8th in Metairie! If our first IUI is successful, we will donate our tickets to another couple.  We get 1 ticket for every person that joins our team and 10 tickets for every $250 raised! The grand prizes include IVF cycles and a $10,000 family building grant.

Join our team here

(**If you join our team, let one of us know, so we can make sure you were correctly added to our team! Also, let one of us know your shirt size for a team shirt!)

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Read More about the Fun Run here!

For anyone interested, here are my ultrasound images:


All of the black dots are undeveloped follicles, or cysts. On next week’s ultrasound, we will be looking for one of those dots to have grown to a mature egg.

Here are some comparisons of a normal ovary to a polycystic ovary:




PCOS Awareness Symposium 2016


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