A Man’s View

Written by: Lee

It is awesome. Throughout the whole process, all I have heard is how supportive, “how supportive your husband is being.”  That is crazy to me that I am there more than other men. Those who know me, know that I have issues with noticing when people are not okay.  So, to all the guys that hide in the corner, behind the curtain, or will not even go into the room, stop it! Your wife is under enough stress with things that are out of both of your control, so be there for her.  Throughout this whole process of me getting check and only having 2% strong sperm, the rest have ADHD (actually, they’re deformed) ,Amanda not ovulating, all the doctor visits, all the meds, even the crazy 30 day diet, we are entering the last phase of the process.

Amanda & Catherine went to the doctor on Wednesday to see if we had a mature egg. We did not. I was kind of crushed, looking into Amanda’s eyes, she looked like she thought she was a failure. I tried to be strong for her, tell her Friday at our next appointment, all would be okay.  It was. We had 2 eggs. One just over 16 mm and one around 14 mm.  The rest were all small, so that is a good thing. Too many eggs would mean the procedure couldn’t be done due to the chances of them all being fertilized or splitting, so again another bullet dodged.  By the way, the nurses are awesome at answering all my crazy questions.

On our way back to the car after the good news, I told Amanda I was kind of nervous for a little while about the appointment that morning.  She said, “you never showed me even the slightest bit of nervousness this whole time.” I said “I have to stay strong for you”, and she asked, “why”? If you look up anxiety in the dictionary, it would be a one word definition– women, and under that it would be a picture of Amanda, so I have to be your rock. You have enough to worry about.

Tonight, Catherine will give Amanda the trigger shot to induce ovulation, and we will go in for the IUI on Monday!! Wish us luck! We may be quiet on the blog for a little while, so we can let family know the results first before we post.


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