A long awaited update….

Hi everyone! So sorry it’s taken so long for us to update. In my last post, I promised to update after our ultrasound looking for follicles, but I failed to do that.  At that ultrasound, we had no mature eggs, so I continued injections through the weekend and went for a re-check on Monday 4/3/17.  On Monday, I had FIVE mature eggs! The other doctor in the office talked with me and explained that my doctor may cancel the IUI this round due to the risk of so many eggs.  After reviewing my blood work and ultrasound, they called and said my doctor felt comfortable proceeding.  I did my trigger shot right way (and again, when I say “I”, I mean– sweet, neighbor nurse!), and we did the IUI the next morning on 4/4/17.  (Side note: I DID finally let Lee do some of my follistim injections!)

In the days after the IUI, I was miserable. I was far more bloated than after the first one and was in pain. The bloating and pain got worse and worse over the weekend, so I went in to be checked the next Monday (4/10/17).  I had Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome or OHSS.  (You can read more about OHSS here or here.) Basically, the follicles that hold the eggs kept growing and filling with fluid instead of being absorbed back into the ovary. My ovaries grew to be huge. I looked at least 6 months pregnant and gained about 15-20 lbs of fluid.  It was very difficult to breathe or move, very painful, and completely miserable. I spent a couple of weeks basically on bedrest. I luckily have a wonderful husband, mom and best friend who took great care of me!

My wonderful doctor even called me at home to check on me, and he warned me that if the IUI was successful, it would get worse.  Through the week, I started getting better (around 4/12-13/17). Then, I started getting worse, much worse and fast.  I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone! Unfortunately (& maybe fortunately?), the fluid did not leak into my abdomen. It was all contained in my ovaries.  I say unfortunately because I would have given anything for them to drain the fluid even for temporary relief.  Since I was getting worse, I decided to take a pregnancy test early, and I got a positive on Saturday, April 15.  On Monday 4/17, I went in to be re-checked and get blood work. They were still unable to drain fluid, my ovaries were massive, and they gave me 2 bags of fluids because at this point I was vomiting and dehydrated.  While I was still there receiving fluids, my doctor called me from Lafayette with my blood results. Through all the bad, there was good news– I’m pregnant!  They rechecked blood work and ultrasound on Wednesday, 4/19, and my numbers were progressing healthily. Although, they still could not drain fluid, and this was my worst point.  After that appointment, I did start to get better gradually. Unfortunately, the bloating and weight gain has not all resolved, so I do still already look like I’m showing. I’ve been in maternity pants since about 5 weeks.

Last week, on May 3rd, I woke up at 1 AM bleeding, and I panicked. Thank God for a best friend to be my personal nurse and calm me down. 🙂 I called the doctor first thing when they opened, and they recommended waiting for my appointment on the 11th.  I was still early, so nothing may show on the ultrasound to make me feel better anyway. Also, I did not have cramping or clots or any other worrisome signs.  I’ve talked to a lot of people who bled during pregnancy and had a totally normal pregnancy, so that helped me a lot. I think I was just freaked out because after everything we’ve gone through (which isn’t much compared to some!, but stressful and emotional, nonetheless), the last thing I wanted was for anything to harm the pregnancy.

We’re choosing not to wait until after the first trimester to announce the pregnancy because we’ve shared our journey with everyone so far. So it only feels right to share the joy, too and not just the emotional, stressful, and sad times, too.  We’ve gotten so much support and love through this journey, and we can’t imagine not sharing with everyone! We did choose to wait until after the first ultrasound because of everything we’ve been going through in the last few weeks.

Fast Forward!:

Today, we had our first ultrasound! Everything was fine! My ovaries are still massive, and the bleeding is from a subchorionic bleed.  I have to continue taking it easy, but the baby is healthy! 🙂 AND I graduate with my Master’s in Business Administration on Sunday!