My First Surgery

I updated on my Facebook page a short post about what happened and how the baby and I were doing. Since our blog is sort of our pregnancy journal, we wanted to update here as well with the whole story. I will also share pictures at the bottom for anyone interested. (I didn’t want to share those on Facebook and make people that didn’t care to see them have to see them)

The past week, I have been feeling pretty great. I’ve done a lot of cleaning, and I’ve been out of bed a lot. I’m taking nausea medicine less and less and things seemed to be looking up! I even recently started back to my Yoga practice. (If any of my friends need guidance on Prenatal Yoga, go see Elan at Spiral Branch Yoga !) Monday morning, I woke up feeling great! I was going to meet Lee at school to take photos and videos of him and his class during live burns, and I was really excited! I met him at FETI, and he introduced me to the Chief who took care of me and got me all set up.  While the guys were getting their gear out of the trailer and starting to get ready for the day, I started having some pain in my lower right abdomen. I thought it was nothing and would pass.  As it persisted, I thought maybe my bladder was full and putting pressure on my ovary. At my last ultrasound, my ovaries were still larger, and I would still have some pains especially when on my feet a lot.  I emptied my bladder, and that didn’t help at all. The pain was steady getting worse, and I was really feeling it walking back from the bathroom.  Lee said he saw me, and he could tell something wasn’t right. He thought I was feeling hot, so when I sat in the truck for some air, he thought I was okay.  About an hour into the pain, I couldn’t stick it out anymore. I couldn’t put much pressure on my right leg, and the pain was intensifying a lot. I told the chief that I needed to go to the hospital, so he helped me pick up my equipment and went to get Lee.  When I told Lee, he tried to take all of his gear off at once. I think he momentarily forgot that he knew how to take gear off.  The chief brought us to my vehicle and let Lee drive me to the hospital.

When we arrived at Woman’s, Catherine met us there to let Lee go back to school. When he called his chief, they told him to stay with me. (which we were really grateful for in the end!!) I was worried about him missing too much because his certification tests are this week.  I told the nurses that this was an assisted pregnancy, and I had ovarian hyper stimulation following the treatments and IUI.  They seemed to brush me off, and they seemed set that it was my appendix.  They brought me a shot of demerol and phenergan to help the pain and nausea. When ultrasound called for me, they didn’t bring me right away because they wanted to give the demerol time to work– it never did! When they finally brought me, I had to sit up and get in a wheelchair, then I vomited A LOT on the ride there from the pain. When we got to ultrasound, they no longer had a room for me because the nurses took too long. So, back to my room we went! I opted to stay in the wheelchair because I didn’t want to keep moving.  They gave me more nausea meds through my IV this time. When ultrasound called again, they wanted to wait and let the meds kick in AGAIN.  Thankfully, Lee spoke up and asked them to go ahead and take me so we could get answers. The meds weren’t working anyway.

In ultrasound, I had to get out of the wheelchair and in their bed.  The pressure from the ultrasound on my belly did not do in favors for my already severely hurting abdomen.  The tech took a lot of pictures before going to show the doctor. Then, a doctor came in and looked for himself. He showed us the blood flow in my left ovary, and then showed us the right ovary which had absolutely none. He also couldn’t find my appendix. He said “my ovary booted my appendix out of it’s home because it was so large”.  He informed us that I would be having surgery, and they would call the doctor on call for my group.  We did see the baby in ultrasound too, and he or she was doing great!

Dr. Boudreaux came in to my room within minutes to discuss the surgery. She said she would try to remove the cyst and untwist my ovary to save it.  She answered our questions and concerns and went to get consent forms. When she came back with consent forms, she said we would be going within 20 minutes! My mom and dad made it there just in time to give me a hug and kiss as I was being wheeled back for surgery.  At the moment, I didn’t care what they did because I was in so much pain, but it was a little emotional to process it all so quickly.

When I got in the OR, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sit up or move myself anymore. The nurses were very kind and used a board to move me, and then gave me more pain meds to help.  Shortly after that, I was out.  When I started waking up, I thought I heard someone say they had to remove the whole thing, but I wasn’t sure. I was still pretty out of it.  When I was fully awake, they let Lee come in to see me, and he told me they removed both my ovary and fallopian tube.  He showed me the pictures and explained everything the doctor told him.  She said that my ovary didn’t just twist that morning; it had been like that for about three weeks or so and it was twisted three times. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t come into the hospital before then in pain.  Monday morning, a small hole ruptured in my ovary, and it began leaking blood into my abdomen. This must have been where my severe pain was coming from.  Unfortunately, by the time I realized something was wrong and went to the hospital, my ovary and tube were already dead.

So far, recovery has been a little rough, but nothing like the pain I was feeling before surgery! We hope this is the end of complications, and we can enjoy the pregnancy as we enter the second trimester! I do still have my left ovary and tube, so we can still have more kids if we want too; although, I might be a little more cautious about fertility medicines in the future if we need them so that the same thing doesn’t happen to the only ovary I have left.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers throughout our entire journey! We will certainly have a story to tell this baby!


See photos from surgery:

IMG_9225 copy