Expect the Unexpected 

I know we haven’t updated much since my surgery at 13 weeks. Up until now, things have been progressing smoothly, and we’ve made some major progress in the house! (Hooray!) 
Friday, things took an unexpected turn. I went to the doctor to be checked for something (i thought would be minor-and they would send me home). Instead, I got wheeled over and admitted to the hospital. 

My cervix was completely thinned and is not measurable, and I was having contractions (that I was unaware of). They admitted me to Labor & Delivery to stop the progression of labor. If you’ve never had magnesium through IV–I’ll just tell you–it’s terrible! It feels like you’re on fire on the inside. The treatments have been stopping the contractions. I was also given steroids and antibiotics to help protect the baby should we need to deliver. AND baby is currently breech, so delivery anytime soon would mean a c-section. Today, we saw maternal fetal medicine. My cervix is barely there holding the baby and water in. The water bag is already pushing down, so stitching the cervix is not an option at this point. I’ll be in the hospital until baby Walker arrives, which will hopefully be a little while longer! The chances are very big of delivery happening before 30 weeks, but every 24 hours we can keep baby in is a great thing!! As of today, were at 25 weeks 4 days. 

The nurses and doctors have been great to us so far! The NICU doctor was wonderful and fully explained what to expect if we were to deliver, plus much more! Our goal is to keep baby Walker in the womb as long as possible! As always, thanks for the prayers, love and support on our journey! We’ve certainly needed it!