30 Weeks– Happy Un-Birthday!

Baby Walker is still hanging in there, and we made it to 30 weeks yesterday, which was a huge milestone! The doctor graduated me from bi-weekly appointments to weekly appointments, so I get to go a whole week without seeing Woman’s hospital! Since being discharged from the hospital, I have had minor cervical changes and am about a fingertip dilated.  However, things have stayed the same recently and not progressed any further.

I am still on modified bed rest at home. I’m allowed to get up and do a little, but still have to rest and take it easy.  I have daily contractions, lots of pressure, back pain from bed rest, acid reflux, fatigue from anemia, can’t breathe when I lay down-even on my side,  etc. Basically, I’m counting down the days/weeks left of this pregnancy! While I am  ready for baby to be here and am pretty uncomfortable with pregnancy, I am very thankful that I am still pregnant and our baby is doing well.  We have many friends who aren’t as fortunate. I know many people who would give anything to be pregnant, even if it means 9 months of sickness, surgeries, bed rest and misery.  I felt that way before I was pregnant, and even though it’s been rough, I feel the same. It will all be worth it, and we are so fortunate to be where we are.

We also don’t know what we would do without my wonderful mom & dad! (& some pretty awesome friends!) My mom has taken on our laundry, cooks for us, cleans, runs errands, grocery shops, AND works her butt off in our house– on top of all of her responsibilities! My dad and some really great friends & family have been a HUGE help with making progress in our house! Without all of them, we would be carrying a lot more stress!

SO–Happy 30 week Un-Birthday, Baby Walker!

His or her favorite things to do are:

  1. Play bouncy ball on Mama’s bladder
  2. Get the hiccups, and
  3. Stop moving when dad is looking at or touching Mama’s belly.  (Boy or girl– this child clearly favors mama!)