Welcome Baby Reed! 

Yesterday was quite a day!! I was admitted to Woman’s around 11 PM on 12-11-17 for labor-though still very early. We labored through the night (well Lee slept!) with our amazing nurse Catherine. 🙂 Around 5:30 AM, we started pitocin slowly to help things along, and my doctor broke my water around 8 AM. 

I planned to go natural, but in the end, it worked out that I didn’t make it. I got an epidural around 6 CM. We labored for a while, and my amazing nurses did everything they could to help me find a comfortable position and keep breathing. Unfortunately, I had a ton of back pain and the techniques weren’t working too well. 

I did make it to 8 cm; however, the baby’s vitals weren’t looking very good with each contraction. To progress further, I needed stronger contractions, and the baby just wasn’t tolerating them. After weighing all of the options and talking through all risks and concerns with the doctor, we made the decision to proceed with a c-section instead of risk an emergency section if we turned up pitocin and tried to push. God, our doctor and nurses were looking out for our baby’s best interest, and we can’t thank them enough for that. Our sweet baby had a nuchal cord (cord wrapped around his neck). Our first hours with our sweet little man have definitely been difficult, but we are so happy to have him here with us finally AND at full term! I have certainly had the best nurses and staff! And I wouldn’t have made it through labor without the love and support of Lee, Catherine, and Rachel! They remained so calm, loving and supportive while I was freaking out. 

Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce to you our SON: Reed Allen Walker